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Referral Program

A Member's Only Perk

We love when people tell their friends about us! If you are a Waco Sports & Social Club Member, you can get paid for recruiting your friends.


As a member, you can earn league credit by recruiting **NEW** players to our leagues.

A “New Player” for purposes of determining the referral credit is defined to include only a new player that registers for a league or event with Waco Sports & Social Club and has never attended a league or event before with us. The player must also not forfeit the registration before the league/event begins.   After the season has begun, and the new player has come to the first 2 games, the referring member shall receive a league credit of $10 for a new free agent league player or 10% of league fees of a team primarily made of new players.

To earn league credit, you must be a WTSSC member and the new player must list you as how they heard about us. 

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