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Goooooals! Our soccer league is filled with great people who are ready to mix it up a bit on the field and mix and mingle after. Indoors or out on the pitch, we offer a fast, fun style of play that gets a workout in while keeping the fun rolling.


Summer 2 2024 Season:

Outdoor Soccer for 6 weeks

Tuesday Nights: July 16-August 20 from 6:30-9:30pm


5v5 (ideal player count of 8-9 with at least 2-3 women)




See full soccer rules here

How to Sign-Up

SOLO (Free Agent)

We'll place you on a team. Boom! Done!

Small Group

Create a group of friends, even if you don't have a full team. We'll place you on a team with other players.

Full Team

One player will register as the Team Captain. The Team Captain will invite all other players to the team via email from their player dashboard.

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