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Connect With Your Customers in a Unique Way

Become a Sponsor


Why Sponsor with Us?

If you're interested in featuring your company to young adults in the Waco area we can connect you in an unrivaled way.


We'll host hundreds of recreational and competitive games throughout the year across the Greater Waco.

Along with our leagues, we host several tournaments and unique social events all year long providing numerous touchpoints with our members.


Many of these will feature well-connected professionals aged 24-39 and this is a perfect opportunity to engage with a dynamic group in a powerful way!


What Does Sponsorship Look Like?

It's customizable based on your business and industry!


The WTSSC team will work with you to create a partnership that is flexible and customized to meet your goals. Whether its a season-long deal or a single event we can tailor a package for you. Between email, social media, merchandise, signage, naming rights and prizes we have a large number of ways to make your brand stand out!



Reach out today and let us get started on developing a plan for you to connect with Waco!

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