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Your Employees Will Thank You

Book a Corporate Exclusive!


What we offer:

  • Corporate Teams

    • For one of our existing leagues sign up one or more teams with a special corporate rate​

  • Corporate Leagues & Tournaments

    • Gather 4+ teams from your office and we'll build out a league or tournament just for your employees to compete and connect together​

  • Special Events

    • Field Days​

    • Team Building/Networking

    • Adventure race/Scavenger Hunt

    • Virtual event (Trivia, murder mystery, etc)

For all of these we'll handle all the planning, registration and setup and can facilitate marketing, food/beverage provision and much more!

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The Why

Workplace Wellness

Provide programs that show clear effort to support employees in cultivating fun, physical activity and social connection. Invest in them in a fun way that can also lower healthcare costs and boost productivity and morale

Corporate Culture

We'll work with you to build an experience tailored to your needs so that you can boost your company's culture through competition, working together and having fun as a group

Foster Connections

Whether it be across levels in your own office or with other members of the Greater Waco community, our corporate offerings foster unparalleled access to dynamic, engaging ways to connect with your people and beyond

indoor vball 5.jpg


Don't wait! Reach out right now and give your employees something to cheer about!

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