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What is Waco, Texas Sports & Social Club?

Waco, Texas Sports & Social Club is a SOCIAL sports league for adults. We organize sports leagues and events for adults to meet new people, have a good time, and be active. All leagues include regular season play, Playoffs and Championship. We also have one day events, like Field Days and season/Holiday parties.

What division of play is right for me? (Experience Level)

Social/Rec: Just for fun, little or no league experience, less serious players. Players in this league has zero high school experience in the sport. Players with recreational league experience could play in this division. Intermediate: Athletic and /or has previous league experience, moderately competitive. Players in this league has 50-75% former high school varsity player experience. Competitive: Very experienced, skilled players and teams. Played 20-50% as a former college player or higher. Opened: Only one division offered. There is a mixture of players and skill levels that will be encountered. Multi-division: More that one division will be offered. There is a mixture of players and skill levels that will be encountered. If you do not fit the skill level for a league, we reserve the right to move you to an acceptable league.

Age to Play

Players must at least be at least 21 years of age in our adult leagues. Age requirements are listed on the specific sports registration page. We have players from all ages of 21 to 60.

Can I have a friend play in my spot without registering as a Sub (substitute player)?

No, only players registered as a current player or sub (Register a Sub) are allowed to participate for liability purposes. Players not registered will result in a forfeit for your team.

Do you play on Holidays?

We will not have leagues on Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Saturday), Christmas (Wednesday-Saturday), New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekend (Saturday-Monday). We will play on all other holidays.

I have a small group of friends, but not enough for a team, what should I do?

​No worries. You all will need to register as Free Agents or Free Agent (Small Group). During registration there is a question, "I would like to be on the same team as:", make sure to fill this out. Also, your group will need to sign-up around the same time. We will be able to place you all together while space is available.

I don't have a team, can I still register?

​Heck Yea! What you will need to do is register as a Free Agent. We will place you on a team and notify you via email.

What are team roster size minimums and maximums?

See team rostere sizes here. Teams that do not have the player minimum. If you are a team that is adamant about wanting to play with less than the player minimum, and knows that your players can make it each week, you will need to register as a team captain and send an email to Once registration closes you will receive an emailed invoiced for the remainder balance up to minimum number of players. Team Captains that register a team, will pay for the minimum players on the roster. Be aware that rosters are closed after week 2 and no players can be added.

What if I register as a free agent and I don't mesh with my team?

That's a bummer, but we understand. We will first see if any team can accommodate you. If not we will move you to the next season of the same sport, where you will have the option to start your own team or try the free agent thing again. You must let us know 2 days prior to your week 2 of the season game.

Why is only the first week of the schedule posted?

​Depending on how many teams are in a league, we will divide teams into divisions. You will receive an email notification when the schedule is posted or there are any changes made to the schedule.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is outlined in the player waiver, which is agreed to during the registration process. All registration fees are final and non-refundable. Registering for a team is a commitment to participate in the full season. In some cases, we may need to delay the start of the league. This may be due to teams needing more time to complete their rosters, playing facilities having schedule conflicts and myriad other reasons. We reserve the right to delay league starts, and will incorporate all planned games into the revised schedule to the best of our ability. Delayed season starts are not grounds for a refund. Player's or team's decision not to participate in a league they have registered for is not grounds for a refund. If players or teams choose not to participate after they have registered and at least 3 weeks before the season starts, they may request a league credit to use towards a future league. Refunds are also not given if a player moves, change in work schedule, or any other non-league related changes. Participation in adult sports, even at the recreational level, may result in injury. Texas Sport and Social Club does not refund players' fees if they are injured. All league credit requests must be submitted in writing to **All social event tickets are non-refundable. Credits cannot be transferred to another player. A additional 6 month to 1 year extension may be requested at

We won't have enough players to play our scheduled game. What should I do?

Teams that forfeit more than 2 games may be asked to leave the league without refund. If you know you may not be able to field a full team, please e-mail by 5pm on the preceding day, (Friday for weekend and Monday games); you should attend with as many people as you can and play pick up (all players must be registered and sign the waiver via Register A Sub) is the fun and polite thing to do. Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding the minimum people but this should be decided before the game starts. The captain from the team that is short players should ask the other captain to see if the games can count (otherwise a forfeit is assumed). IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS! Playoffs/Forfeit in Playoffs/Championship: Forfeit in Playoffs results in HOLDS for future leagues to player that are not attendance. A $25 reinstatement fee must be paid.
Forfeit Fee of $40. Complete this form

Is alcohol allowed on the field/gyms?

​Drinking alcohol and playing sports is not safe. Drinking of alcoholic beverages while playing is forbidden. Offenders will be ejected from the league without refund or league credit. No exceptions. Visit our awesome Post Game Social Sponor and enjoy great beverages.

What happens if I get injured?

Players participate in Texas Sports and Social Club at their own risk. Athletic or event endeavors can be inherently dangerous. Texas Sports and Social Club does not provide health insurance to any player and does not refund players' fees if they are injured. Players understand the risk and should evaluate participation if they do not have health insurance coverage.

I'm a free agent and I missed 2 or more games with out communicating with my team. Why am I no longer on a team?

We understand that life happens and you may not be able to make all your games. If you have not communicated with your team, you will be removed from the team without refund or credit. If you will be out make sure to communicate with you team and get a sub to take your place.

Member Benefits

Join the Social Sports Experience. Meet new people, and stay active. Here are some of the great benefits that come with being an amazing member. Staying Active: Granted this is an internal benefit, but staying active has been shown to increase your mood in a positive way, not to mention the health benefits. SWAG: Did we mention that League Champions and Social Champions get prizes to celebrate your victory. Sponsor Rewards/Offers: It's great to have a person who knows a person. Our experience team is dedicated to getting you the latest offers from area businesses that benefit your active, busy lifestyle. Just make sure you opt-in to our newsletter to receive these special promos.

NEW! T-Shirt (Uniform shirt)

Our goal is always to preserve the environment in which we play. From our field lines, reusable equipment, and our members cleanliness, we examined how we can extent our reach to reduce our carbon foot print. Beginning in Spring 2020 we will discontinue automatic shirt ordering and increasing the quality of our officiating team. You may still order shirts from our Member Benefits (under Player Dashboard), but we will not require you to wear them. You will need to check in before each game.

Forfeit in Playoffs/Championship

Playoffs/Forfeit in Playoffs/Championship: Forfeit in Playoffs results in HOLDS for future leagues to player that are not attendance. A $25 reinstatement fee must be paid.

What is 'Sportsmanship Rating'?

Teams will be awarded a sportsmanship grade based on their conduct: A (4.0) - Above and Beyond Conduct and Sportsmanship B (3.0) - Good Conduct and Sportsmanship C (2.0) - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship D (1.0) - Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship F (0.0) - Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship Teams must maintain a 2.5 AVERAGE in order to be ELIGIBLE for the playoffs Once in playoffs, the team must maintain a 2.5 average in order to remain in playoffs


Note about our officials

​Texas Sports & Social refs are only human, just like you. Like professional referees, they are not perfect and will not see everything on the field. Team Captains can ask for clarification on the rules from time to time. There is no such thing as a perfect referee and they all have day jobs. Cut them some slack, as they are trying their best. You can always become a referee and take a swing at it. It will be fun. No Pro Contracts will be given, no matter how good you are. Sorry folks.

How do Self-Officiated leagues work?

Our leagues are about bringing people together to have a good time, meet people, and stay active. Our self-officiated leagues have a league host present, while scores and rules are player centered. That means friendly, fair, and respectful play by our members. We will have a site coordinator (host) available for questions about the rules and who will get the final score for your game. They will not be refereeing or scorekeeper, but will observe the games being played.

My team joined a Self-Officiated league, can we get a official for the season?

Yes, if your team would like an official for your games, you can purchase an official for the entire season. Request and payment is due before the start of the season. One player will make the request and payment. Teams are encouraged to workout collection of money/arrangements within your team before request is make.

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