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Shirt Policy

Only registered players are permitted to play in TXSportsWaco leagues. All registered members must wear the same color shirt*.  Each Player must check in before playing.

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Teams may purchase TXSportsWaco shirts or design their own.  All teams must bring a light color and dark color shirt.  All official players on the roster must have the same color shirt.

While shirt customization is allowed, teams/players must abide by the following rules when personalizing shirts:

  • No company names or logos

  • No offensive language

  • No design that obscures or alters the Texas Social Sports Club logo (If applicable)

Names, nicknames, numbers, and team logos are all welcome additions to the Team T-Shirts. Please also feel free to bedazzle, tie-dye, or apply patches to them, if you are so inclined.

Teams are allowed to customize shirts such as adding text, numbers, images, patches or cutting up along as you adhere to the following requirements:

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