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Covid-19 Policies

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact.

Waco Texas Sports and Social Club (WTSSC) is aware of this risk and is proceeding with activities only after careful thought and consideration. We want to take seriously the impact of this pandemic on the health of our community, our medical workers and many other areas of our community. We believe it is imperative to continue to take reasonable action to limit the disease’s spread.

However, we also recognize the importance of enabling fun, active, social activity for the Waco community. We think we can be an asset to physical and mental health of the Waco community while working alongside local businesses and other community members.

As we have done, we hope you will consider all relevant factors and make the best decisions for you, your loved ones and the community. We know this is an exhausting time and are sad that playing sports comes with such mental baggage. Please reach out to us with any questions! We are happy to take feedback and will remain very flexible throughout the coming months.

As far as moving forward, we are very excited about this upcoming season and hope all will be able to join us!

We (Arianna and Josh) have both gotten vaccinated for Covid-19. We recommend it after having it recommended to us by our doctors along with the evidence available in the scientific community for its effectiveness at limiting infection and majorly limiting serious illness. With that said, WTSSC will not require vaccinations or check vaccination status in any way. Our main ask is that if you feel sick, or have symptoms: please stay home as needed and communicate with us as appropriate.

We are so thankful for the Waco community and it has been a thrill to be a part of bringing fun times and fun people together. We are excited to keep doing that as safely and smartly as we can in these unprecedented times. Thank you for playing with us!

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