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Forfeit Policy

Contact Us:

Notify via email with the day / time / team-name / league / location

TXSportsWaco requires notice for ALL forfeits! Any Monday- Friday forfeits after 3pm the day prior will be considered LATE NOTICE or NO NOTICE. 

Saturday /Sunday forfeits after 5pm Friday will be considered LATE NOTICE or NO NOTICE.

Penalty for ALL Forfeits:

  • Fee:

    • When made on time: The fee for a forfeit will be the amount owed of 2 official fee

    • When Late Notice or No Notice: The fee for forfeit will be the amount owed for 2 official fees plus $10

  • Loss of Standings Points in Overall League Standings

Additional Penalties for Late Notice or No Notice:

  • Potential loss of Playoff opportunity

  • An opposing team forfeit against in the Regular Season has the right to take a game from the offending team later in the season to compete their full number of scheduled games (8+ week seasons only)

  • Not applicable in tournament style playoff bracket format & opponent advances to the next round.

  • Potential loss of Playoff opportunity

  • Forfeit in Playoffs/Championship will result in the team not being eligible to be a team in future seasons.

  • Continual forfeits will result in potential removal from league.

House Team Forfeit (Free Agent Teams)​

  • Removal from the team after 2 games absences (if both games resulted in a forfeit)

  • Admin approval to play in future TXSportsWaco leagues

You should attend with as many people as you can and play pick up a sub (all players must be registered and sign the waiver) is the fun and polite thing to do.



We take forfeits serious at TXSportsWaco. Registration is a commitment to respect your team and the opposing teams time. Failure to attend a scheduled game derives other teams a portion of their season causing great disappointment and frustration involving travel time and disruption of personal schedules. Please be respectful members of our TXSportsWaco community and be courteous to your fellow league members! Captains are responsible for confirming team attendance and can be done using the RSVP feature on your team dashboard. Each forfeit will be handled on a case-by-case basis & TXSportsWaco has the right to exercise the penalties as necessary.


*Teams are required to complete the payment online before they are eligible to play the following week. Teams that forfeit 2 times according our policies will be removed from the league without a refund, and must pay a fee to be reinstated into Texas Sports & Social Club.

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