Active, Social, Professionals in the Waco area, come together to be active and have fun! Our co-ed leagues are year around for our members to keep active socially and physically.

Dodge, Duck, & Laugh Waco!

Dodge, Dip, and Dive, your way through our social dodgeball season. We offer 6 week seasons including Playoffs. 


6 weeks including Playoffs

Players to Start Game:

  • 6 v 6 Coed (Minimum of 3 players from each gender)

See Team Roster minimums and maximums here

Teams may opt to pay for the extra spots that they choose not to fill to avoid adding of additional players.


Click the link below for a copy of the rules


Need assistance or have questions, contact us.

How to Sign-Up

SOLO (Free Agent)

We'll place you on a team. Boom! Done!

Small Group

We'll place you on a team with other players.

Full Team

One player will register as the Team Captain. The Team Captain will invite all other players to the team via email from their player dashboard.