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Register A Sub

Your team needs a sub for the game? No problem, we allow our teams to use substitute players for any league!​

  • Substitute players are permitted to participate in one game by registering prior to the game time.

  • Substitute players must register themselves.

  • To register as a one-time sub, submit form below (by 2pm Friday for weekend games).

  • Subs are required to check-in with the Referee or League Manager prior to playing.

  • You must wear your own shirt close to the team color.

  • Players may not sub more than 2 game per season (Please email us at if this is your second time as a sub in 1 season).

  • 2nd Sub Pass can be purchased for $10.

  • Subs are prohibited from all playoff games.

  • Team are prohibited from having 1/2 the amount of players registered for a single game be subs. (Example: Indoor Volleyball 6 players on the court, teams may not have more than 2 sub players. Full Team Roster Size is 8)

Substitutes are prohibited in Playoffs or Championship Games. Teams may only have subs if they are short the minimum amount of people to play; up to 1 player over the minimum required on the field/court.

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