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Team Captain Corner

Team Captain Responsibilities:

Team Contact

Team Roster Management


Referee Fees

Equipment and Field Set-up

Score Updates


Team Contact:

  • All information and correspondence from TXSportsWaco will go to the team captains.

  • Captains are requested to respond to correspondence in a timely manner when dealing with schedule changes, inclement weather, sportsmanship issues, or other request.

  • Communicate with teammates and expected to pass on important information to their team players.


Team Roster Management


  • Recruit teammates (21+) that are fun, social, and put people before the game

  • Captains are responsible for knowing if their players are old enough to play in our leagues. Any team found with and underage player(s) on the field/roster will have the player in question removed immediately as well as a one game suspension issued to the team captain for the following game.

  • Recruit enough players to fill the roster prior to the registration end date

  • Complete the Payment for Registration for the Team (also see Team Registration instruction page)

  • Have all team members create an account an completely register on the Player Management System

  • Avoid forfeits and fees by having players RSVP for each game on the Player Management System

  • Find subs for games when players are short (Subs must register prior to the game. No subs allowed in Playoff and Championship Games)

  • Roster Checks:

    • Starting with the first game after the close of registration, all players will be required to bring photo ID’s to each game.  If you feel a team has an illegal player, you must notify us via text on the emergency line (254-307-2052) prior to the start of the game.  Once the game has been started, roster checks can no longer be honored unless a player arrives to the game late.  Please note, both teams will automatically be roster checked should a request be made.

    • Players not on the roster or registered as a sub will result in an automatic loss​ of the game

    • No subs are allowed in playoffs or championships

    • No player can be registered after the close of registration

    • Player that can no longer play due to job schedule change, injury, etc will receive a prorated league credit 




Captains are responsible for dealing with sportsmanship during the game, including:

  • Managing the actions of the teammates

  • Bringing up concerns with the opponent in a respectful manner to both the Game Coordinator and the referee during halftime or between quarters

  • Submitting a sportsmanship rating for the opposition to the Game Coordinator at the end of the game

  • Working with TXSportsWaco office on all sportsmanship issues and follow-up

  • Reading the Overly Aggressive Player section of the rules for the sport

Sportsmanship Rating:

Teams will be awarded a sportsmanship grade based on their conduct:


  • A (4.0) - Above and Beyond Conduct and Sportsmanship

  • B (3.0) - Good Conduct and Sportsmanship

  • C (2.0) - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship

  • D (1.0) - Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship

  • F (0.0) - Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship


Teams must maintain a 2.5 AVERAGE in order to be ELIGIBLE for the playoffs

Once in playoffs, the team must maintain a 2.5 average in order to remain in playoffs 



Referee Fees

Beginning Summer 2021; Referee Fees will be added to registration fee.  One less thing we hope to take off your plate.

Below is a breakdown of officials’ fees paid per team, per game.

Equipment and Field Set -up

  • Captains are responsible for bringing required equipment to each game

  • Required Equipment will be listed on the League Registration page

  • There is a $30 Trash Pick-up fee for any trash left by a team (water bottles, trashy etc.)


Score Updates

  • Scores sometimes are entered incorrectly on accident, Captains can email to request and update at least 24 hours prior to the next game.

Team Contact
Roster Mangement
Team Captain Rewards
Referee Fees
Equipment and Field Set-up
Scores Updates
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